Security Services

Retinue Risk is a reputable private security company based in central London, specialising in providing personalised security solutions for various clients in the United Kingdom and worldwide. They cater to the security needs of:

1. Foreign Diplomats & Dignitaries: Retinue Risk offers comprehensive security services tailored to the unique requirements of diplomats and dignitaries, ensuring their safety and well-being during their stay in the UK or while traveling abroad.

2. Ultra High Net-Worth Individuals & Families: For individuals and families with significant wealth, Retinue Risk provides specialised security measures to safeguard their personal safety, assets, and privacy. This includes implementing close protection and security protocols that are specifically designed to meet their needs.

3. Leading Blue Chip Companies and C-Suite Executives: Retinue Risk offers security solutions to top-tier companies, assisting in the protection of their assets and ensuring the safety of their executives. Their services are designed to address the unique challenges faced by corporate entities in today’s complex security landscape.

The range of services provided by Retinue Risk includes, but is not limited to:

By offering these services, Retinue Risk aims to provide a complete security package that ensures the safety and well-being of their clients, allowing them to enjoy a secure lifestyle both in the UK and around the world.

Close Protection

Close Protection or Executive Protection professionals are highly trained security officers who specialise in ensuring the safety of individuals by protecting them from physical harm, unwanted attention, and other threats to their safety and privacy.

Their responsibilities can vary depending on the client, ranging from corporate executives to high net-worth individuals and families with children or infants.

The level of protection provided is based on factors such as the client’s preferences, the level of threat they face, and the overall risk involved.

Protection can be conducted in a discreet and covert manner, or it can be more visible and overt, with a team of professionals including bodyguards, security drivers, and surveillance specialists.

Residential Security

A Residential Security Team or operative can indeed be a valuable addition and support to intruder alarm and CCTV systems.

Physical security personnel play a crucial role in protecting people and property in both residential and business environments. In addition to supporting venue staff, they can enhance the effectiveness of security systems by providing an added layer of human presence and intervention.

These teams can operate in a discreet and self-sustainable manner, ensuring the security and safety of the premises. They can also be supported by service dogs, overt mobile patrols, and additional surveillance equipment, further enhancing their capabilities in deterring potential intruders or addressing security incidents.

By having a Residential Security Team or operative in place, individuals and businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their property and the people within it are being actively safeguarded. This comprehensive approach to security helps to minimize risks and ensure a safe environment for residents, employees, and visitors.

Security (RoSPA) Driving

Retinue Risk security drivers play a crucial role in helping clients make the most of their time and remain productive while on the road. They achieve this by employing advanced planning techniques, mitigating threats and risks, understanding client requirements, and possessing extensive knowledge of vehicles

It’s important to note that security drivers differ from chauffeurs in terms of training, protection, and experience. Security drivers are licensed close protection operators who often come from police or military backgrounds, providing an added layer of security and expertise.

  • If desired, arrangements can be made for luxury vehicle hire to meet specific client preferences and needs.

CCTV Design/Installation

CCTV systems can greatly enhance the existing physical security services for high net worth houses. They serve as a powerful deterrent to potential intruders and provide valuable evidence that can support the work of residential security operators. When considering CCTV, it is important to take into account key areas for surveillance, choose the appropriate camera types, ensure high-quality video and recording capabilities, integrate the system with other security measures, comply with privacy laws, and rely on professional installation and maintenance services.

At Retinue Risk, we provide comprehensive security solutions that not only prevent threats from occurring but also alert the relevant parties, deter potential threats, and gather crucial evidence for future legal actions such as pursuing convictions or obtaining restraining orders. Our specialist solutions are tailored to protect what is most valuable to our clients, while maintaining the utmost privacy and discretion.

Travel Facilitation

Travel facilitation encompasses all services and facilities that are associated with both business and leisure trips. Its primary goal is to ensure that clients are safely and efficiently transported from their starting point to their intended destination.

In addition to providing seamless transportation, travel facilitation also includes resilient and trustworthy global protection services. These services offer reassurance by safeguarding personal integrity, protecting assets and reputation, and ultimately providing peace of mind when traveling abroad.

By offering comprehensive protection and support, travel facilitation ensures that clients can navigate unfamiliar environments and potential risks with confidence, allowing them to focus on their business or enjoy their leisure activities without unnecessary worry or stress.

Super Yacht Security

Super Yacht Security or Protection Charter Party is indeed a professional service that provides an essential layer of protection for yachts while at sea and in port.

Super yachts often carry significant amounts of cash, valuable artwork, furniture, smaller vessels, and other attractive items, making them potential targets for theft or other security risks. The Super Yacht Security service aims to mitigate these risks by providing security assistance and support to super yacht management companies, crew, and owners.

This service encompasses comprehensive planning and advisory services related to all aspects of maritime and yacht security. It involves assessing potential vulnerabilities, designing security measures, and implementing protocols to ensure the safety and protection of the yacht, its crew, and its valuable assets.

The Super Yacht Security service works closely with yacht owners and management companies to understand their specific security needs and tailor security solutions accordingly. This may include the deployment of security personnel, the use of advanced surveillance technology, access control measures, and emergency response planning.

By engaging in this service, super yacht owners and operators can enhance the safety and security of their vessels, minimise the risk of theft or unauthorised access, and ensure peace of mind for all onboard.


Risk Assessment

Identifying and analysing potential events that may negatively impact individuals or assets.


Anything that has the potential to prevent or hinder the achievement of objectives or disrupt procedures that support them. A potential for harm to occur.


The chance of something happening that will have an impact upon objectives. It is measured in terms of likelihood and consequence.