Security Services

Retinue Risk is a British owned, independent private security company based in central London which provides a range of personal security options, tailored to secure lifestyle management in the United Kingdom and around the world for:

•Foreign Diplomats & Dignitaries
•Ultra High net-worth individuals & families
•Leading blue chip companies and their c-suite executives

Services include but not limited to:

•Close Protection/Executive protection
•Security driving (RoSPA)
•Residential/Super Yacht security
•Travel risk/VIP facilitation
•Luxury vehicle hire
•Initial security & Risk assessments

Close Protection

Close Protection or Executive Protection professionals are trained, specialist security officers who keep people safe from physical harm, unwanted attention and other threats to their safety or privacy.

Responsibilities vary from corporate to high net-worth individuals and families with children/infants.

Levels of protection vary depending on preference, threat and risk.

Protection can be discreet/covert or as visible/overt with one individual bodyguard to a wider team encompassing security drivers and surveillance.

Security (RoSPA) Driving

Retinue Risk security drivers are accredited to Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) with the addition of being trained first aid responders.

The Security driver can help clients maximise time and productivity on the road by knowing how to avoid ‘events’ through advanced planning, threat and risk mitigation, requirements and vehicle know how.

Training, protection and experience differ from chauffeurs. Security drivers are also licensed close protection operators from police or military backgrounds.

Luxury vehicle hire can be arranged if required.

Travel Facilitation & Protection

Travel facilitation is the use of all services and facilities related to trips of business or pleasure.

Getting clients from their point of origin to the destination safely and efficiently.

Resilient and trustworthy global protection services provides reassurance, personal integrity, asset and reputation protection along with peace of mind when traveling overseas.

Super Yacht Security

Super Yacht Security or Protection Charter Party is a professional service providing an important layer of protection whilst at sea and at port.

Large amounts of cash, artwork, furniture, smaller vessels, valuable and attractive items carried aboard can put super yachts at an increased risk.

This service enables the security assistance and support to super-yacht management companies, crew and owners through planning and advisory services regarding all aspects of maritime and yacht security.

Residential Security

Residential Security Team or operative can be an addition and support of intruder alarm and cctv systems.

Physical security personnel can be used to protect people and property within both residential and business environments as well as supporting venue staff.

Teams can be discreet and self sustainable or supported by service dogs, overt mobile patrols and additional surveillance equipment.


Risk Assessment

Identifying and analysing potential events that may negatively impact individuals or assets.


Anything that has the potential to prevent or hinder the achievement of objectives or disrupt procedures that support them. A potential for harm to occur.


The chance of something happening that will have an impact upon objectives. It is measured in terms of likelihood and consequence.