Daniel Hobley AfCGI, SRMC®

Daniel Hobley AfCGI, SRMC®


Experienced and respected, I am a risk management consultant with a strong background in close protection. My technical skills in this field are exceptional, and I have a proven track record in safeguarding Foreign Diplomats & Dignitaries, Ultra/High Net-Worth individuals and families, as well as top-level executives in leading companies.


My experience in this field has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the unique security needs of high-profile individuals and their associated assets. I am committed to ensuring their safety and confidentiality, employing my expertise and skills to mitigate potential risks and threats.

I prioritise both my physical fitness and professional expertise to ensure the safety and security of my clients. With extensive travel experience, I have built a solid reputation as a trustworthy and dedicated security professional in the industry.

Recognising the significance of teamwork, I place great importance on establishing and maintaining strong professional relationships within a team environment.


Experience in the British Armed Forces as an infantry soldier in the 7th Battalion – The Rifles Regiment reserve unit, with a commendable track record of exemplary conduct. This includes serving on an operational tour in Afghanistan.

Daniel’s career in the Armed Forces involved overseas deployments in both hostile military operations and peacekeeping missions.

Since transitioning into the private security industry, Daniel has dedicated significant time to enhancing his education, technical training, and acquiring specialist certifications in ancillary support.